All That Glitters

My short story All That Glitters is now live at Revolt Daily! Read it here (link deactivated, site no longer exists) XO


Wish You Were Here

My short story Wish You Were Here is now live at Menacing Hedge, you can read it by clicking here! XO

The Sinthology is on Amazon

Honoured to be a part of this with so many awesome & talented authors.



Flash Me! The Sinthology, the latest anthology project from Solarcide, is available in paperback right now via Amazon. They got it up a few days faster than estimated, which is very cool.

Amazon US link.

Amazon UK link.

This is a collection featuring twenty-six wicked and decadent flash and micro-fiction pieces from twenty-six wonderful authors.

The book is edited by Solarcide’s own Martin Garrity and Nathan Pettigrew, and guest curated by Chester Pane. Featuring work by Rebecca Jones-Howe, Bryan Howie, Alex S. Johnson, Shannon Barber, Jason Wayne Allen, Terasa Skultety, and many more. The full table of contents can be see here.

We’re very excited to see this release come through. We worked hard on it. It is great to finally see it unleashed upon the world in all its dastardly glory.

We’d love it if you checked out the book. And if you want to be extra…

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