July’s Reading List

I'm 110 pages into In The Woods and I can tell you right now that Tana French is going to derail this list! This little taste was enough to get me ordering the second of her Dublin Murder Squad books, The Likeness, ready to start as soon as I finish. And I suspect that is … Continue reading July’s Reading List

A view from the sole

What I like about this picture is the colours. Although it may look like I stuck a vintage effect on, I didn't. It's pure straight - no filter. The leaves are a wonderful kaleidoscope, looking autumn despite this being taken a past June. And my chucks really were that washed out - I've since worn … Continue reading A view from the sole

Viral Video in Typhon: A Monster Anthology

  My new story Viral Video is a short sharp satirical twist on the good old zombie trope, because what else you gonna do in the aftermath of a strange influenza outbreak than make a found footage movie, right? Now available in Pantheon Magazine's Typhon: A Monster Anthology. Amazon US Amazon UK Createspace *Get an extra 15% off at Createspace … Continue reading Viral Video in Typhon: A Monster Anthology