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Hey, so you know all those times an after movie conversation begins with “The book was sooo much better…” Well this isn’t going to be one of those conversations. Lullaby the movie is a direct collaboration between director Andy Mingo and author Chuck Palahniuk.

I know right!

Are you as excited as me? Have you pledged yet? If you haven’t then go! Do it now. Clickety-click!! I’ll wait right here for you.

Are you back?


There’s some pretty sweet rewards, right? And yeah, technically the movie is going to definitely happen because it’s already reached the minimum funding level. But more money also means more options, more opportunities and uber cool stretch goals.

And seven days to go, which means I’m super late in promoting this.

And remember:







Viral Video in Typhon: A Monster Anthology


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Viral Video

My new story Viral Video is a short sharp satirical twist on the good old zombie trope, because what else you gonna do in the aftermath of a strange influenza outbreak than make a found footage movie, right?

Now available in Pantheon Magazine’s Typhon: A Monster Anthology.

Amazon US

Amazon UK


*Get an extra 15% off at Createspace with the code: CFAK5JBZ



Choose wisely nominated for a This Is Horror Award!


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CHOOSE WISELY upd 01-24-2015 - cover small

Hey, so long time posting right?

But forget that, for behold: great news! Choose Wisely: 35 Women Up To No Good has been nominated for a This Is Horror Award in the anthology category.

If you so want, you can cast your votes for this category and all the others with a simple clickety-click


The Perpetual Rhythm of Escape


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The Perpetual Rhythm of Escape

Instead of school we go to the hill. Lie flat on our backs, grass tickling my neck, tickling the backs of my bare legs. Above us the un-tangible drift free, forever shifting temporal shapes. A fluffy white bunny cloud gets longer, stretches out and breaks into road kill. The imagined wisps of a cliff fall into coastal erosion against a perpetual sky.

The Perpetual Rhythm of Escape is story of the week on Ladybox book’s Ladyblog!

Read it here.



The Epiphany Of Cool is live at Pantheon Magazine


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the epiphany of cool

If you haven’t brought a physical copy of Pantheon Issue 8 NYX you can now read The Epiphany of Cool for free by heading over there lickety-split. And while your there you should totally take the opportunity to browse all the great stories and poetry they’ve published. Go on, you know you want to 😉

The Epiphany of Cool


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The Epiphany-2

I push my tongue hard against the back of my teeth. “Real coolness isn’t achieved by doing dumb shit stuff.” I spread my hands out wide in a ta-dah gesture. “All we’ll get from this night is the empty sham of pseudo popularity.”

Jade tucks her bunny slipper feet under herself, curls up on the armchair with cat-like distain. “You still came though.”

And yeah, whatever.

The Epiphany of Cool is a nihilistic satire of high school clique initiations and torch-light scary stories. It is now available in Pantheon Magazine issue #8: NYX, along with seven other stories and six poems inspired by Nyx, Goddess of the night.

You can purchase this lovely darkness in print from Amazon US, Amazon UK or Createspace. Orders from createspace can get 15% discount by using this code:CFAK5JBZ


Lady Pincushion and the Circus of the Dead


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I choose a patch on the ceiling and stare until my eyes lose focus, same way they tell you to look at those dumb 3D eye pictures. How when you’re not really looking you can see everything. My breath slows, deep to the pit of my stomach, a barely there breeze grazing my lips. Counting one pink elephant, two pink elephant, three pink elephant. In my peripheral, the familiar blur of alabaster skin. The curved smear of cranberry lips telling me, hush now. Telling me, everything’s alright, honey.

My short story Lady Pincushion and the Circus of the Dead is now available in Gaia Shadow and Breath Vol 2, produced by Pantheon Magazine. It features stories of fantasy, dark fantasy and magical realism by a bunch of great authors *check out the cover photo below* AND a portion of the proceeds are donated to The Nature Conservancy. You can get hold of a copy from Amazon US, Amazon UK and Createspace. Orders from createspace may use the code CFAK5JBZ to get a 15% discount.


Pre-order the CHOOSE WISELY anthology!

Honoured to be a part of this with such an amazing talented group of writers. Can’t wait to read all the stories!
Awesome job, Heather and Joanne, it looks beautiful 🙂

Cease, Cows

Most excellent CC fans,

I’m writing to you this evening to share something I’ve worked on for nearly two years (!). Almost twenty-four months of labor to push this baby into the world. A labor of love and discovery of so many very talented women writers who do their thing every. single. day.

This baby is the Choose Wisely: 35 Women Up to No Good anthology, and it is available now for pre-order. It will be out for real (in ten days!) on March 31st. Dark fiction stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Aimee Bender, Diane Cook, Cat Rambo, Rachel Swirsky, plus a bunch more. The full table of contents is below, plus links to a few of the stories available online.

Choose Wisely

Joanne Merriam of Upper Rubber Boot brought it aboard, helped collect a few remaining stories, co-edited it with me, and made it beautiful. (Writers, she’ll be at AWP showing…

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