The Epiphany of Cool

The Epiphany-2

I push my tongue hard against the back of my teeth. “Real coolness isn’t achieved by doing dumb shit stuff.” I spread my hands out wide in a ta-dah gesture. “All we’ll get from this night is the empty sham of pseudo popularity.”

Jade tucks her bunny slipper feet under herself, curls up on the armchair with cat-like distain. “You still came though.”

And yeah, whatever.

The Epiphany of Cool is a nihilistic satire of high school clique initiations and torch-light scary stories. It is now available in Pantheon Magazine issue #8: NYX, along with seven other stories and six poems inspired by Nyx, Goddess of the night.

You can purchase this lovely darkness in print from Amazon US, Amazon UK or Createspace. Orders from createspace can get 15% discount by using this code:CFAK5JBZ



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