Previously: in my head A white noise riot lulled To a dull grey fuzz Makes me forget Slip-slide off the plateau This seasons technicolored emotions Available on repeat


Powder burns and lipstick Beneath my snub nose every breath Is a sepia toned ending Cut short Life reflected in translucent narcotic puddles Straight no chaser.  


Two in the afternoon And she’s drunk already Over emotional and irrational Irritating the way people always are When you’re the sober one Tugging at my shirt sleeve And my heart strings Those big sad eyes She spills her guts And her emotions Over white porcelain Every morning Every night Lost at sea Swimming for … Continue reading Functioning


A View from the Sole

I love all the curves in this picture ~ the curves of the pebbles against the curves of the my pumps. The loops of the laces, the silver rings of the eyelets. The arch of red against the white of rubber. The arch of my denim turn up. Everything smoothed out, no hard edges. XO


Romeo It happened in slow motion Bullet time For the crazy girl with big blue eyes Three simple words into five I don’t love you, Anymore That girl; She crumbled into a thousand damp little pieces While you looked at your watch instead of her You shook your head, Said I’ve got better places to … Continue reading Romeo


My legs are bent. Cramped and folded. Inside the old family suitcase. The soft stink of last year’s beach holiday, Caught in invisible grains of sand. Scratching my back. In here I'm Nosferatu. Teeth bared, arms crossed against my chest. What only looks like luggage offers the kind of dark you can forget little kid … Continue reading Escape…