Introduce Yourself…

This isn’t an introduction.

If it were I’d probably be looking at my feet right now. Or looking at my hands, tucked up the long sleeves of my top so just my fingers show. A comfort thing. I’d glance up now and then, catching your eye and give you that crooked little half smile. The asymmetric smile, as Craig Clevenger would call it.

If this were an introduction I’d cringe at having to tell you my name. No matter how hard I try, in my head these instances always come out sounding…well, wrong. It’s that same feeling you get when you hear yourself on playback. The, is that what I really sound like moment of damning realisation. Mostly this is how it feels to be idiotically shy, probably it’s one of the many reasons I love to write.

So no, this isn’t an introduction. Introductions are awkward and clumsy, and my least favourite part of meeting someone new. Instead we’ll start this in the middle. This isn’t going to be like coming in halfway through a movie, the feeling that maybe you’ve missed something. Think of it more as a plot device, an opening hook with flashbacks to follow.

This isn’t so complicated you’re going to get lost. This is how I write.

Straight to the action then; my short story Some Kind of Beautiful will be published in Parable Press Issue Three. Links will be posted as soon as it goes live.

For the record, I am beyond happy.

For the record, the Cheshire Cat’s got nothing on my smile right now.

By the way, my name’s emily.



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